Blissful Relaxation

So lately, I have noticed that my blood pressure has been rather high.  It’s in the yellow! You know how those home blood pressure machines inform you if it’s good (green), worrisome (yellow), or OMGoodness get yourself some help like yesterday (red).  Well, mine has been yellow.  I then learned that music can help your pulse.  I figured if it can help my pulse, then why not mellow me out?  I want to be in the green!  I already try to workout when I can (ok, not as much as I should, but I’m a work in progress), and eat relatively well (sometimes too much).  Well, I found this artist Melody Gardot and she is amazing.  I never realized I could like jazz as much as I love her music.  It’s relaxing, it’s deep, it’s bliss.


I highly recommend her.


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